Technical Training

The continuous acquisition and sharpening of professional skills and knowledge plays an important role in achieving career goals and aspirations. To equip our people with the ability for greater responsibility in a higher position, we offer a flexible learning and development approach that is geared to individual needs, including on-the-job up-skilling at factories, mills, laundries and testing laboratories.  

Summer Internship Program

Each year CFL invites penultimate undergraduate students from Textile and Garment schools of local and overseas universities to join our Internship Program. The aim is to nurture young talent through first-hand experience of work in the apparel industry to prepare them for their future careers.

Sponsorship Scheme

As part of our L&D approach to personal and professional growth, in addition to on-the-job training and an internal program of learning, we encourage our employees to acquire knowledge and qualifications from external sources.
Employees are subsidized for courses that provide opportunities to broaden skills and knowledge relevant to their positions and personal development plans.


“I really like the diversity of people we are working with since expanding our offshore production to SE Asia and Central America. We are exposed to many more backgrounds and cultures. Helping each other is very important in performance garments as we have to know what’s new — colleagues share product development from suppliers and mills, and share what new innovations are coming out of factories. Each season there are a lot of changes so we have continuous learning. This helps our customers gain confidence that we are up-to-date and knowledgeable about the most recent industry trends.<br> Our corporate culture trusts employees. There are on the job checks and work guidelines, we are trusted to work with our customers directly without lots of cumbersome oversight — we have the flexibility within SOP to do what we need to do.<br> For me, job satisfaction is a must — I need to be passionate about my work, otherwise what is the point? The career opportunities provided by the company, and the recognition and appreciation from customers is motivation for me to have enthusiasm at work.”

Mono Chan / Senior Merchandising Manager, Hong Kong

“What I like best is working with diverse products. It means I am exposed to many new ideas and factories, and I enjoy being off-site. I have some previous experience working in the factory environment so it’s very familiar to me and I know how to build trust with our vendors.<br> There also needs to be trust with my manager — we do not have a ‘top-down hierarchy’ way of working, we are much more team-based. There are complicated issues with wet processing, so relationships have to be good externally and internally across teams in order to ensure the smooth handling of our customers’ orders.<br> After 20 years in the business, learning new things, being exposed to new ideas is very motivating. Luckily for me, CFL is very open to new ideas, and we are encouraged to learn and bring those to the team. For example, after sharing a presentation about sustainability in wet processing to teammates, I was encouraged to present it to all colleagues, as well as including it in our company orientation.”

Gary Ho / Senior Wet Processing Manager, Hong Kong

“This is my second time working for CFL so altogether I have over 15 years here. The company trusts its people to work with integrity and within guidelines, so our dealings are direct and straightforward. It is like that internally as well. We have very direct communication to management — our voices are heard — it’s a much more personal touch than at other companies.<br> Open and honest communication makes working together very smooth and comfortable because it builds trust and loyalty. CFL also has the respect of our vendors for the way we handle our business relationships — we are given very good referrals.<br> Most of my vendors are long-term partners. The message from management is very much about building partnerships with vendors — this makes me feel very supported as it allows me to focus on customers because I am confident in my sourcing partnerships.”

Ann Ng / General Merchandising Manager – Hong Kong

“It’s the culture. That’s what has kept me at CFL for over 20 years. There has always been a sense of family — I felt that from the very beginning. I’ve had some great opportunities to grow in my role and take on new challenges — working between HK and Shenzhen, and then moving there. And now back to HK.<br> We have grown a lot, but the company has not changed because our culture is strong. There is great collaboration across all departments, and we help each other. Everyone has a chance to do well at CFL if you perform — everything is fair and performance based. This has been a very clear message from the top.<br> Everybody pretty much knows each other because we have a lot of opportunities to be together at outings and events -- I’ve been the MC for the Annual Dinner for a couple of years. And some of the sports teams do really well -- I was on the football team when we won a first-place trophy, and on the bowling team when we came third!"

Tony Cheng / Senior Merchandising Manager – Hong Kong


For CFL to bring the very best to our customers we need to have the best people with the right expertise and experience working with us. As an employer, we treat every employee with uncompromising respect and attention, and as a team, we share passion and knowledge for continuous improvement and innovation. Together we deliver operational excellence through mutual inspiration and outstanding leadership at all levels.

Our success lies not only in our ability to identify and seize opportunities to grow and to excel, but also in the intellectual and emotional engagement of our employees — hiring the best people and enabling them to be great.

We embrace an open approach with no hierarchical boundaries. Through the CFL portal and informal meetings we regularly connect to our employees and keep an open dialogue with them on different platforms where corporate philosophy is shared, needs are addressed, and people are inspired.


One of the cornerstones of CFL is our passion for training and talent development. We believe that our people are the key asset essential for our ability to have a sustainable competitive edge. We develop people by investing in their personal development and their skills — we aim to stretch their potential with learning and coaching initiatives that combine professional knowledge and experiences that develop skills and expertise.

Personal and professional growth opportunities, such as leadership development seminars, language courses, external training sponsorship are available to all employees at all levels as we consider it the responsibility of every CFLer to grow and succeed with the company.

Learning and

CFL understands the nuance between ‘working to live’ and 'living to work’, and adopts a more holistic approach to employees, looking at balancing stress-related work demands and job satisfaction achievements. We believe that if employees feel a sense of purpose, have the ability to grow and develop, and are set up to succeed in their jobs with some freedom, they are more productive and have greater personal growth. We are also dedicated to fostering a strong sense of community and collaboration across the group through activities that engage and connect people, regardless of their organizational positions.

We offer an eclectic mix of activities and hobby clubs designed to enhance the well-being of our people, including, outings, sporting clubs, cooking classes, community outreach, and the highlight of the year, our Annual Dinner — a festive occasion to celebrate creativity and team spirit through a string of crazy games and stunning performances when team members can showcase their skills and talent.

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We hold true to having the “right people in the right place”, and are committed to maintaining a rewarding and motivating environment for passionate individuals to achieve their career ambitions. We are always on the lookout for highly-motivated exceptional talent to enrich our team. If you believe you possess the attitude and qualifications that we look for, please join us on a journey of personal and professional growth. We offer attractive remuneration to the right candidates.